Amuvi sons and daughters in North America out of the need to improve the deplorable educational and socio-economic condition in their community formed Amuvi Foundation North-America (AFNA) Inc. on September 4, 2001 in Arlington, Texas. As a non-profit organization, its major objective was to identify and support the community activities that directly improve the quality of lives of Amuvi indigenes in particular and the overall Arochukwu community in general. Paramount to this objective was provision of suitable educational facilities and amenities, as well as the provision of clean potable water facilities as part of a health care initiative.

Amuvi village is one of the 19 villages in the ancient historic kingdom of Arochukwu (sometimes referred to as Arochukwu), in Abia State in southeastern Nigeria (Click Here). Arochukwu is one of the only towns in Igboland named after God. Though named after God, it was named this before Christianity ever came, implying a belief in one “Supreme Being”. ‘Aro’ translates as ‘Spear’ and ‘Chukwu’ as God. Put together this could imply Spear of God. Traditionally, Arochukwu indigenes (the Aros) have emphasized individual enterprise (without losing the sense of community), which has sometimes been used as an explanation for their “success” and mobility.  This mobility has led to the migration of Aros to several areas in Igbo land and Nigeriain general. There are also several communities where Amuvi indigenes have settled.

Since 2001, thanks to the generosity of so many kind-hearted individuals and organizations, cash, educational equipment and services have been made available towards completion and refurbishing of the school, which made it possible for the students to move to the new location since 2002.  More recently, AFNA started construction of a $150,000 administrative building in order to provide the administrative offices and conference rooms for the school.   As of date, this building is a standing edifice in the middle of the school (see Pictures — insert link here) symbolizing the collective efforts of Amuvi sons, daughters and friends.   The building is currently in the final stages of completion and will soon be commissioned.

The project still continues and Amuvi Foundation North America is still soliciting funds, computers, laboratory equipment, books and school supplies.  Amuvi Foundation-North America will manage all aspects of the collection and delivery of your donations, excess inventory or used school items that are in serviceable condition, to Amuvi Community Secondary School.  Project completion is managed through trusted local entities.

If you would like to contribute to this effort, please visit our donations page or send your donations to:

Amuvi Foundation North America
P. O. Box 6990
Katy, TX 77491

Or contact any of the executives listed on the officer’s page.